Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't Wait.....

It's Wednesday of a short week! I love short weeks - where Robert gets to be home on Monday or Friday - and this week he was home Monday and I am off about noon Friday to a Mom Conference! I cannot wait to get away for a little Mom/Wife/Woman - and daughter of the King - encouragement time! This conference I am going to is Whole Hearted Mothers and I have been to MOPS, Women of Faith, Retreats. Family Life Marriage, and this is hands down the BEST conference I have ever been to!! I came home so excited to be a mom and inspired to be a better one!

So Friday I head out with 2 other friends and we are trekking to Dallas for a night and 2 days (almost 2 days) of some time of encouragement as Home School moms, as wives and as daughters of the King! What an honor and a privilege to really take that in!

Sally Clarkson is a home school mom of 4 - I think 3 are out of the house and now she ministers to other moms (and not just HSers). She reminds us of the precious gift we have for such a short time. And is it possible to have that reminder too much? I mean when you are in the trenches with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 18 month old and pregnant with your 4th (yes I said that right - for Kristen) you need to know that it passes so quickly and you cannot get a second of it back! And while I have a toe out of the trenches (we not longer use a stroller, I am ALMOST out of diapers, and my eldest can really manage most things without me) I still forget how precious those bedtime kisses (even the 10th one) can be. Or when they sweetly ask to be rocked, soon it will be too late to rock, and then soon she will be rocking me!

So I am going to cherish my moments this weekend with some dear friends, and with Sally as she reminds me of the reason we do this - the calling God has placed on our hearts to be the woman he wants us to be and the mother he equips (not equipped,but equips he is still doing it every day) us to be. I am going to soak it all in and chew on every morsel and just relish it all.

(Can you tell I am really excited?)

And when I come home, I will be so excited to see those darling faces that mean the world to me and I will be re-energized to spend another year filling their hearts with love, God, and every other good thing I can! .... that is until the next Whole Hearted Mothers Conference!

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