Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Excited

All is quiet here in the Western Front - well not really western, but I guess you could say that since we are "western folk" in the sense that we live in Texas..?

Anyway, life here is good and normal. We seem to be staying relatively healthy and chugging along with school. We now have 5 days at home - we recently stopped attending PE weekly for a variety of reasons, and I have to say I love it. I love having all of our days to our selves. We are planning to start a weekly trip to Dallas to see Robert's grandparents for lunch, but have not gotten that going yet. I am looking forward to training Jacob to start good conversations with adults. Less of the "Guess what I saw [read, did, etc] ...." and more of "Papa what did you do in WWII" or "Papa will you tell me a story of when you were my age" or something along those lines. I have an old cassette player/recorder that I want him to record conversations and then come home and write some stuff down. My long term plan is to take pics of all the kids with their great grandparents and then help Jacob to journal some stuff and then print a book for them to keep to remember these wonderful family members and their stories. We'll see if that actually happens.

Now back to being excited! It is almost time for my eldest dear "Chewie" to celebrate his 8th birthday! What a fun day for him!! He can hardly stand it! He has told mybrother in every letter he has written and tells everyone he comes into contact with! What fun it is to have that excitement about your birthday! I cannot remember the last time I was that excited about a day....makes me wonder why?

Anyway, we plan to have 3 more boys spend the night on Friday - a night filled with homemade "build your own" pizza, wii andmaybe a movie! The boys will have fun and Robert and I will enjoy watching it all! Then we head to Dallas again to meet the other Cole family and Robert's parents too who will be arriving from Michigan to have lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant! Chuy's!! Yeah! The Sr Coles will then be visiting with us for a few days which is always fun and the kids love it!

Talk about hardly being able to stand something....I can hardly wait to post some pics of my latest creations....but I need to recipietn to first open them herself! So after Saturday I will be able to post pics of my favorite item I have made yet!! And some awfully adorable smaller items! Of course it is all for Kristen and little Kayleigh Grace and her shower is Saturday.... so stay tuned and you will see!

Please keep praying for my brother. If you do not know the story it is here. He is still not doing great. His prison went from being one of the best in the state to the worst! SO needless to say he is need of some more prayers - mostly for peace and to trust that God is in control of all of this! Thanks!


  1. i love your idea about the grandparents, teaching how to talk to adults, recording conversations and journaling. what a great idea! tell jacob i would love to see it while he's working on it and when he's done!

  2. Hello cole crew,

    I am honored that you are keeping up with the Johnsons on my blog. I hope to update it more soon...

    Kristen and I went to the wholehearted motherhood conference and it was great and very encouraging. Thank you for telling her about it.

    I am keeping your brother in my prayers. God bless.



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