Friday, February 6, 2009

Winding Down

For the first time today, I am sitting down and I have my feet up! Wow! I just need to get into PJs to really relax!

Today has been house deep cleaning day in preparation for Chewie's birthday sleep-over and the arrival of my in-laws! Of course deep cleaning is necessary since I have not deep cleaned in a while.

But as I sit here relaxing I get to watch 6 boys (age 4-8) play the wii and compete in Mario Olympics - it is hilarious to watch these boys try to row, high jump and run! I mean, Hans Solo cannot play the game without using his entire body! If his person is running, then he is running! His little feet move so fast! It just cracks me up - as I constantly remind them all to back up. (We really like our 1 year old tv and do not plan to get another anytime soon!)
These boys get so frustrated when the contolers do not respond they way they think they should and especially when they are not winning. WHile they are all good natured boys they all really want to win!
It just makes me think how much like them I can be in the game of life. How I can get upset because things are not going to the way I want them to, people are not responding the way I think they should, and I am getting an unfair deal at times. Just a good reminder that God tells us to be patient and to trust him, even when we don't want to. I wonder how often He looks down on us and laughs at how we are playing this game. How we are so uncoordianted or so impatient and how we sometimes get so into things that we look silly! I know I sure do!
Well, my home is feeling very relazing as I look around and there is much less clutter than normal (something I am starting to really hate!) and I know that there is not a ton of stuff we need to finish in the morning. (With some sleepy boys)
It amazes me that my oldest son turns 8 tomorrow. I mean really, where did the time go? Tonight MckMama asked what our thoughts were on Motherhood, and it caused me to reflect. I was still active duty when our first son was born and very involved with my job. I knew that I wanted to have a few more kids and that I wanted to home school but I had no idea how that would pan out. And now here I sit with 4 kids (3 boys and a little girl) and we do homeschool and I love that. Homeschooling is my favorite thing to do each day, even when we are busy, I love to sit down and read with the kids and listen to them. It blows my mind how fast they learn and how much they love to do school at home with each other. God has blessed us so much with 4 great kids who really love each other and who really love their Lord. I can be brought to tears over how grateful I am and the many blessings he has given to us!
Tomorrow we will me Robert's parents and his brother Brian and his wife Lisa for lunch at our favorite spot -> Chuy's . So it will be a great weekend and quite the celebration for our eldest!
On another note, I was able to talk with m brother last night for the first time in about 17 years. We only talked for 15 minutes since that is all he is allowed. It was nice to be able to talk about things though, about his situation there (which he could use your prayers) and just about how us all being in touch has really brought us so much joy! Again God has shown his love to us each (my mom & I, and Jim & I) and allowed us to find forgiveness for each other. It amazes me that God restored our relationships after so many years and so much baggage! He is an amazing God! Well enough to be thankful for today, well not enough but enough to blog about.
TOmorrow I will post pics of Kristen's surprise - after she gets to open it!!

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