Saturday, February 14, 2009

A wonderful Valentines Day

Okay, so I am starting to think romance is relative. I mean there is romance while dating, romance when married without kids, and then there is the best - romance when married with kids. We had a great Valentines Day - by our family standards, but not by anyone else's!
We went out as a family this morning to get the kids a new wii game they have been saving up for and to add 2 new numchucks to our wii collection. Unfortunately we were unable to find the game we were looking for anywhere - I MEAN ANYWHERE!! We tried 2 walmarts, 2 targets, 3 radio shacks, a sears and a game stop!
We also stopped at Jo-Anns to get a few things that I need for some upcoming projects.
We came home and had a great lunch of fajitas off the grill! Since we were still full tonight we ended up with a supper of pop corn as we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The kids loved the pop corn and they were enthralled with the movie! So this was a great family night! What a different kind of Valentine's Day we celebrate these days - but so much more meaningful!
I still love for us to get out every now and then - but when you kids hit the hay at 7pm you really have a date night "in" every night, so we do not often feel the "need" to get out and away from the kids.
It is just funny how life is always changing and each phase of life brings so many great things!
We are happy to have Dad home an extra day this weekend too - not sure how we will spend Monday (maybe car shopping) but maybe working on the yard - who knows. It will be fun either way to have breakfast together and just have another day at home!
We recently bought all our books for school for next year too and I am getting so excited to start the new year (and we are still about 4 months away)! We will finish this school year the last week of April or 1st week of May and then break for about 3 weeks. Then we will start up our next year the beginning of June. Now that I have my books, and we are working on our summer plans to get up to Maine I can hardly wait for summer! It does not help that my dear little girl (who is potty training) keeps asking to go swimming and putting on her bathing suit.
While we will school in June and July, we will finish by about 10am and head to the pool at least 2-3 times per week - and I am excited that the kids are getting older and stronger in the pool! This year will be lots of fun!
So, yes, I think I am battling a bit of spring fever -but with a 4 week trip to Maine, lots of pool days and a new exciting set of books waiting for us, can you blame me?
Well, off to some more vegging and tv time with Robert.....

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