Friday, February 27, 2009

Isn't that just like life!?

So I got home just so excited, so fired up, ready to make tons of "changes" get so much "better" and then life hits you, and if you are not just too busy to do anything but hang on!!

That has been my week! I started this post earlier this week (before the business of life hit...)

So it feels like spring, but I know that there is yet at least one more freeze and probably hail storm in store for our home before Spring really arrives. Anyway we are in the swing of garden prep and yard prep. Today I found this great link with ideas to plant an edible garden! I cannot wait to try some of these ideas out!
We are going to plant an herb garden this year - we have a few herbs every year, but this year we are dedicating part of our front flower bed to herbs! I cannot wait!

Don't I sound relaxed? It must have been written on Monday or Tuesday, because, let me tell you, today - I am running at the speed of light and that is with trying to slow down!!

So how can you "change" when you are too busy to "change"? Don't you think that is what Satan says every morning when we get up? "You know, if I keep her busy, she will not have time to read that BOOK, she will snap at unsuspecting people out of frustration, and she may even be willing to let the dog run away when she gets out!" Not that any of that would happen to me! No way- oh wait that is another thought for another "Not Me Monday" post!

So anyway, how do you make changes if you are too stinkin' busy to?

Well, I can say that thankfully our God is so gracious and wonderful! That if you turn your heart to him as much as you can when you are out of breath (I think I start that way these days) and ask for his help, his guidance and his comfort, he does miracles!! Wow! I did come home a changed woman on Saturday night. I think about the points I got every day, and sometimes many times in my day. I am focusing more on my children and less on this crazy box called a computer. I get hugs out of the blue all day long now! And my eldest is responding so much to first time asked! We still have minor fits - but let me tell you that is HUGE!! I mean HUGE HUGE!! I am trying to make time for him every day - even if it is just to talk while I sew. I see a change in me through how my kids are responding! I love it.

Does that mean busy is okay? No I know it is not. I have known for some time it is not. And after this week I will not allow my schedule to have something almost every day! My kids do not deserve a stressed out mom because she is busy! Unless busy means reading too much to clean, or playing too much to fold the pile of you know what! Unless busy means busy loving my kids and my husband! So look out calendar - I am coming with a sharpie to mark things out and a note to remind me not to put them on in the first place!


I already feel better!

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