Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review : Unveiling the Kings of Israel

I love adding more books to our library!  I especially love books with pictures that will draw my children into them. 

J looking over unveiling

And even more than that, I love books that will teach them about our amazing Creator!  This book has done all of that for not only my family, but my 1st grade Sunday School class too!

Unveiling the Kings of Israel


The book Unveiling the Kings of Israel is a book that will amaze you with the beautiful pictures, with inspire your faith with it’s true archeological evidence to support creation, and it will equip you to defend what you believe.

unveiling 2

My 1st grade students loved pouring through this book one Sunday as we talked about Creation, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and the list goes on and on.  The pictures are real pictures, not drawings (for the most part – there are pictures of replications of what they believe the Arc really looked like).  They are pictures of what archeologists have found, pictures of modern day people living in those areas. 


This is not a children’s book, the audience is far beyond children.  But can we offer this good stuff too soon?  My children love the pictures, but each time they crack this book open, and look at the pictures they learn something more about this period of time, and that it really did happen.

family tree unveilingj and unveiling

I love that I can learn more and more about the evidence that supports what I believe from the Bible.  This book will help me to teach my children the truth and offer evidence to support it.

This is a beautiful book.  I highly recommend it as a resource for adults or a great tool for homeschool families!

Note : Master Books offered this book to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. love those photos! and the idea of presenting it to your Sunday School class! Thanks



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