Saturday, August 6, 2011

Country Life

File:Country life 1518.pngIt’s been almost a year since we moved out here.  I thought I would share so thoughts….

You know you live in the country when:

Your neighbor decides the toilet, the trash man will not pick up, will make a pretty “fake” flower holder in the yard, if you put ribbon and stuff in & on it.

You find yourself walking around with bullets in your pocket (incase of another snake)

Your kids tell the plumber (and everyone else) the list of your father and your mother’s latest kills

You see a horse parked at the Dollar Store in town

Leaving the house means “goin’ to town”

You do not see your kids all day, except for water breaks, despite the 110+ temps

you hang your clothes out to dry, not just because it saves pennies, but it smells so good

you walk down to get the mail and just stand to smell the pine straw, or the blooming trees

you sit out and watch the chickens for entertainment

You wear clothes to the Brookshires and feel out of place because you are the only one not in a bathing suit

You don’t mind the smelly, rotting eggs in the cooler in the living room because you are hoping to hatch out some chicks in a homemade incubator

After your kids find the dead raccoon (you shot) they beg to have raccoon stew!!??  (really?)

Every time a snake is killed they beg to skin or eat it – (again, really??)

You daughter thinks the cows across the street by the mailbox are hers, and she talks to them every day

…to be continued

Country life –  it is always an adventure, just ask the 5 foot chicken snake whose head I shot off this morning, in the middle of makin’ bread!  {doesn’t get much better than this}

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