Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daily Photo Challenge

I am not sure if you have a budding photographer running around your place, but I tend to have 2 on a regular basis and for sure, the potential for more!

After seeing a few lists of photo challenges online, I decided to come up with one to implement in our school year next year with any students who want to participate.

My oldest son and I joined project 365 this year, but we are not doing very well with it.  But I love the idea.  So I thought if I have a list of items to photograph each day, this would spur us on to think outside the box and try some new things.  My list is a topic per day – for each child to go out and snap a pic of something that falls into that topic.  I did try to keep it simple, and as we do this, we can add some degree of difficulty in the later months of our school year.

Here are is the beginning of my list:


Day 1: someone

Day 2: something green

Day 3: something useful

Day 4: something you love

Day 5: something that makes you think about God

Day 6: something blue

Day 7: a plant

Day 8: a favorite thing

You can find the entire list HERE to download if you have a future photographer you want to inspire a bit!

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