Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Multitude

So many things to offer up thanks for this early Monday morning ~
{linking up to Ann @ Holy Experience}

~ hopes for a computer to return home tomorrow
~ grateful for an uncle who offered to ensure it will work properly
~ prayers for 10 heading to Malawi today, special prayers for Grant, but protection and big things for all
~ a hot shower, every day, those in Joplin don't even have a cold one
~ a 7 day challenge to not complain (really? even though I have kids?)
~ VBS nearby for children to attend
~ trying to have a more serving heart & knowing the good it will bring
~ breaking bread with friends : laughter at the table
~ another great gardening class with kids who want to learn
~ watching the Maverick's win the Championship - I love that Jason Terry answers every question first with God!  Love that man!!
~ a little boy who reminds me over and over how loved I am, even when I am not so lovable
~ an amazing week and a half of family and friends visiting!

God is good - it may not always look good with out eyes, we cannot see the whole canvas, we only glimpse pieces.  God is good in Joplin with no running water.  God is good in Malawi where there are so many people who have never heard.  Pray with me for our team going to Malawi - that God would be more real to them than ever before and would move mightily in their hearts!  Praying for miracles to happen while they are on the ground in Africa!

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