Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VBS Day 1 {FUN}

VBS is different at every church; each has it’s own rhythm, rules and schedules.  It can be so much fun working VBS and getting to know the other people helping out.  This week is VBS at FBC Malakoff, and this year I was fortunate enough to coordinate crafts!!

Day1 Crafts were wonderful!  The kids loved it, the teachers loved it and it went very smooth!

We took precut circles (1 inch) and had the kids stamp an image on them.  They, then, colored the image in and the back ground if they wanted with permanent markers.  After that, the modge podged the circles onto those flat clear marbles.  Once they put those 2 pieces together they moved to the glue gun station to glue magnets onto their creation.


Ours were of beach items like a crab, sea gulls, beach ball, and more.  But this picture is what they looked like.

They were great and everyone loved them!  Great summer craft for a hot day outside if you are looking for something!  A package of magnets, glue gun, bag of flat marbles, and some paper.  If you do not have small stamps you could let the kids draw something!

Here are some pics of our first day of VBS (including a few amazingly decorated rooms) :

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