Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is a warning to you.

Beware what you ask God to do.  Because, guess what? 


…he does it!!



I have asked God to make my heart tender.  I have asked so many times in the past months to show me where he wants me, to bring a certain opportunity, person, whatever into my life so that I can serve him.  And wow!

Today at church I was in tears as our pastor started his sermon “The Lord will provide ______” and told us not to fill in the blank.  And my heart filled it in with “the WAY”.  I just thought about all the things in my heart today, compassion children, foster children, family who has cancer, a brother awaiting parole, new friends, young couples, lost children, the list

honestly goes on and on.  And I think about each of those things and what is standing in my way between me and serving each of them, and I realized that God will provide the way. 

We have to stop striving.  We need to rest.

I am reading a precious book by Watchman Nee (a man from China, which we are currently praying daily for – kind of coincidental huh? – yeah right!!) titled Sit, Stand Walk.  It starts out talking about resting in God’s presence.  That there is nothing we can do or need to do to earn our place in Heaven or our salvation.  We can do nothing, instead we need to rest in who He is, really let it seep into our being.  So to me, it said to stop striving, fretting when the timing is not my timing.  Stop trying so hard to make it all work my way.  Rest in the peace of Jesus.  Trust him to open the door, time it right. 

Obedience is all I am called to.  Obey him by placing one foot in front of the other.  I do not have to do it all now, be patient and let my heart grasp what he is calling me to.

And yet, as I have asked for a tender heart, asked him to break my heart for those in Kenya as the Compassion Bloggers continue to tell the story of these children and this ministry – he is.   I think today he completed the breaking process, because I was almost sobbing as I read Reverb’s blog post HEREJennifer and Kristen have been so transparent and as women I so connect with their stories, but wow – today I was knocked over by Ryan.

So, I am just warning you, when you ask God to do something, especially something that may move mountains, he will often do it.

Here is a great video to give you a small glimpse of what Compassion is doing.


And if you have a free minute, jump over to We are that Family and experience what I have been reading this past week!!

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  1. I just got the book "Spriritual Authority" by Watchman Nee and will start reading it tonight. Praying for you and of course continuing to pray for your brother.

    In Christ,
    Mary Kay



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