Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air

I love spring in Texas.  It can snow one week and be 70 the next.  While we did not have snow last week, it was pretty chilly, and yet today and tomorrow in the 70’s!  Love it!

We have made it to the park a lot lately – we are trying to enjoy this spring sun as much as we can!

When I am not out playing in the sun or working on our yard, I have been sewing!  Here are the quilt blocks I have completed so far for my Quilt Along – please do not look close – there are lots of strings, not to mention lots of mistakes, but I figure once it is all done it will not be as obvious and it will be on my bed so who else will see it?  I will not see the mistakes, just the joy of a completed quilt!! 


I am also tired of my purse so I needed a new one.  I scoured the blogs to find a simple one I liked and found a hobo style bag, but before finishing Robert and I thought it was too long, so I chopped it and this is what I ended up with – don’t love it, but it is springy and I will enjoy a “new” purse until I make another one! :)

new purse

So here is what we have been up to aside from playing outside, while I create, they do too…


little girl creating  My girl creates with chalk and a board and wipes it away and creates again.

boys creating My boys, they use legos to allow their imagination come to life as they create, then they destroy, and build again.


We are a creative bunch, when we want to be!

Here are the latest blogs of inspiration that I have stumbled upon:

You Go Girl

Just Something I made

Nikki’s Nifty Knacks

Hope you find something inspiring!!

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