Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 4 : Driving, Sight Seeing, and more Driving

What a day we had yesterday!  We woke up early (5am) hit the road by 6:20 am and then made our way through LA to finally get to the coast.  We saw some amazing views of the California coast!  It was so pretty!

We went back and forth from Rt 1 which is the coastal route and 101 which is a bit more inland.  Both were good – 101 was faster but not as pretty.  Then we headed to Rt 1 to find some lunch and maybe see the Hearst Castle.  After learning the cost of the Hearst Castle we chose to wave as we drive by!  But we were able to stop twice to see lots and lots of Sea Lions – so cool!!


Then we stopped at a wonderful little place called the Sea Shanty for lunch – Red Snapper tacos, Fish & Chips, and even some shrimp!  The lunch was great, but dessert was Heavenly!  We had some kind of berry pie/cobbler – and then we had 1 piece of Ice Cream Pie - (rice krispie treat crust, rocky road ice cream, and a delightful peanut butter/chocolate sauce) they both disappeared rather quickly!!

Then we were off to Monterey via RT 1 again – this time my mom drove – and it was a long and steep drive for about 2 hours – it was pretty but I could not look at much and my mom could not either.  Either way, I have done the Route 1 thing, and not sure I will do that again.  It was a little precarious at time!

In Monterey we visited a park I went to as a kid – The Dennis the Mennis Park – it was tons of fun!  The kids loved it!

So they got a little exercise, my mom and I stretched our legs – and fun was had by all!

Back into the car and we headed to Sacramento – trying to get to Redding that day, but we surrendered early and stopped just outside Sacramento.  We found another great hotel – and crashed for the night.  Today we are headed to breakfast and then back in the car about 2 and a half hours to my friend Ann E’s – house – we plan to spend a fun day playing and catching up (it has been years!!) – so we are excited to see friends and not drive for a while.  Tomorrow is our final leg of the trip : Destination OREGON!!  Woo Hoo!  Uncle Louie is anxiously waiting for our arrival and we are anxious to arrive!!

My favorite pic of the day yesterday:

jumping for joy on the beach


We stopped for a bathroom break, got a bit turned around and ended up here for a few pictures, a sand sample and smiles!!  A beautiful beach!!

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