Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phase 2: Depart & Day 1

Destination : New Mexico

Status : Arrived :)

new mexicoWe are on our way.  We took off about 4:40 this morning, a bit later than I expected, but I woke up about 3:45 before Robert got home – and so we did not get off as early as hoped.  But, it worked out great.  We checked into our hotel about 3pm with plenty of time to hit the pool!


So we made it through Texas today – and into New Mexico – went great!  We saw some great sites – lots of cacti – and many mountains!!  

kids at mountain view

THis is just before we got to El Paso.  It was fun to drive through El Paso – I lived there for 2 years and even went to college there.  So it was fun to see how much it has changed and grown!  I took the kids up on Scenic Drive which looks over into Mexico and the border – it has a great view and they loved it!!  My little girl was scared going up – but was fine once we had a good view!

Then we drove past UTEP – not a big deal, but still fun!

Once into NM we made a quick stop at W-Mart to get some motion sickness medicine for my eldest – so he can hopefully read tomorrow. 


Then we got in, swam, showered and headed off to our free supper!!  Can’t beat free supper & swimming!!  The kids do not want to leave!!  But we are off tomorrow to pick up my mom in Phoenix and then off to CA.  So far so good!  We listened to Robin Hood (unabridged) and we are really enjoying it (part of literature for school that we saved for this trip) and we watched a new movie (thanks to Redbox).  I think we visited the friendliest W-Mart greeter in Sweet water – the kids even commented how friendly he was!!

So now we are off to bed, to make it up early for our free Belgian waffles and biscuits and gravy – before heading out!!  Thanks to all who are praying – it is working : the kids are behaving, my back is doing fine, and we are making good time!  So thank you and keep it up!!

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  1. Praying for you and the family...hope you have a great trip!!!



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