Tuesday, March 16, 2010

started slow, finished slower

That about sums up our day.  It started slow since we are still all adjusting to waking up later thanks to the sun waking up later.  My youngest son did not make it out of his room until about 9:45 this am!  He was a little slow moving, but with some OJ and homemade bread he was on his way to a normal day.

School started slow and ended later than usual, but really it works.  Some days we start at 7am – others, well, later.  So we finished, I prepared lunch for our family before heading back out to the neurosurgeon for a follow-up from my MRI.  I have been praying for clear news.  I wanted something, other than, well let’s watch it.  I have been watching (via pain censors in my body) for about 7 years now, I am ready to get on the road to recovery!!

Well, it was pretty clear coming from my Dr.  He did not demand to operate but he suggested it and left it open for me.  He showed me this picture (among others) to show me what was going on.


disk MRI image

It may be hard to see/understand – but that black.grey spot the arrow is pointing to is my bulging disk.  It is pretty bad – and this was coming from a guy who sees these all the time!

So we are working through what we want to do, and figuring out how it may work into our life.  So, we will see.

This evening was an evening I have been so excited to get to.  I recently joined a homeschool group here in Irving – and the first meeting I could attend was tonight.  The best part (aside from meeting other HS moms in my area) was the FREE childcare – man!!  So when my little late riser had his head on the school table this afternoon while watching a brother color, I was slowly figuring out I was going to have to miss.  I hate it!!  I even asked Kristen if I could take him and keep him with me, that is until I read his temp of 102.7 degrees.  No, he needed to sleep.  So he went to bed about 5pm.  Hoping that does not come back to bite me later tonight.  Oh well, he needs that sleep!!

So, this is a slow night, a sleeping little boy and some disappointed kids to miss out on childcare this evening.  Oh well.  Lost is on, that is some consolation!

Meanwhile, here are some pics of our life these past few quiet days.

Let me tell you : Spring is Spring-ing here!!

Signs of life” : if you look close in the middle you will see a wee bit of green – future Swiss Chard!!

crafty pics 027

Plants from Sunday School – finally sprouting – these will be sun flowers we will transplant.

crafty pics 024

Little Girl’s Zinnia seeds are sprouting too!  The kids are so excited to see these coming up!!

crafty pics 028

A trash bag for our trip – made from Oil Cloth – so apple cores and banana peels will not mess it up!  Can wipe it clean – and it will hang from a head rest!!

crafty pics 011

Another trash bag (gotta have one for every row –otherwise stuff will get stashed!! Yuck!)

crafty pics 015

Finally my latest quilt squares:

crafty pics 019crafty pics 018

An overview of the 8 of ‘em!  I am so thrilled to be on my way – I think we have 8 more to go!!  Some look better than others but I am so excited to be making a real life quilt!!

 crafty pics 023


Off to watch my favorite show …. and check on a little sleeping boy!!

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