Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PHASE 1 :Packing up

We are in the midst of packing suitcases, travel bags, swimming stuff, and well, the car.  I started Sunday when I decided I would do our laundry and pack as I folded instead of trying to find clean stuff to pack later.  This was brilliant!!  (I must admit) I have never packed from the dryer – but think about it, I do not have to hunt for what I want, they can cope with the left-overs and everyone (OK – MOM) is happy!

Meanwhile I am packing our school books & activity stuff for the car – as I go.  Finding some little treats to surprise the kids with as we trek along to keep interested peaked.  And finding some nooks & crannies to stash some fun reading books for me and the kids – gotta have those!

I am excited, I have our route mostly planned, I have a fun pit-stop planned with a friend in Redding, CA.  We have a great hotel for our first night with an indoor pool and free supper!  You cannot go wrong.  

Not sure much of the in between but I am expecting lots of fun moments in the car with my brood, lots of great views, and hopefully some picture opportunities as well.  I mean, there has to be something worth photographing in 3000 miles. 

Robert has taken care of my chariot this week : new tires, new oil, new filters, and I think a few other things.  The kids (really my eldest J)  vacuumed her out – and she looks lovely, like she is just waiting for the (first) trip of 2010.  Woo hoo!!

So we head out at O’Dark 30 tomorrow (Thursday) am – when Robert gets home we will wake up some kids and head off.  I like to get on the road early!!  The kids are still tired and will rest during the dark, I miss all the DFW traffic, and it gets our day going and allows us to get into our hotel to swim and play before bed.

Well, I must run and continue to pack, pack, pack – hope I do not forget a kid! :)

Destination : Oregon

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