Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too much fun

So, Robert thinks I am crazy, and does not really understand.  But I love to create – not original creations, usually copies, but whatever.  It is why I love to sew, stamp, just do crafty things in general.

Today I finally made it to Staples to start on  my latest project for our HUGE road trip coming up, in days really!

I have a large collection of Critical Thinking products that range in levels; and I am allowed to copy their pages for my family – or classroom!  WooHoo!!

So I am making workbooks for the kids.  I usually do this, but usually it is just maps, coloring pages, dot to dots and so on.  Fun stuff.  This time their books are going to rock!!  First, my disclaimer is that my kids will not even know they are learning or reinforcing things they have learned – because most of this stuff is so fun they LOVE IT!!  So I have math detective pages, reading detective sections, and many other critical thinking puzzle pages.  I have thrown in some fluff:  Star Wars & Transformer Coloring pages found HERE.  I found some Dora for my little girl too (same place)– and she can hardly stand it!!  For my youngest son I have handwriting pages mixed in, the only issue with that is that he does know what is going on and does not love it.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all!  I am including word searches, since he is still a young reader, he can certainly look up words in a word search. 

I also went HERE to see what she has listed for free and found some great quiet time pages and some Bible stuff I think the kids will enjoy.  I hope to use these to work on some handwriting, which always needs a little work!

I need to head over HERE to see what they have – they usually have something good….

Anyway I think I may have gotten too much for the big boys but I can always split it and use the other half this summer when we head up to Maine. 

One of the best parts though – is that Staples has been selling these plastic folders that are super cute – portfolio style – they  are 50 cents!!

Cute folders


  I have a few already that I have stashed for a future project, but today I realized I can cut them down the seam and use them as the cover for the kids workbooks.  I have a binding machine, so with the cool folder, my copies and the binder, I will have some super fun activity books for the kids in no time!!

I am sure I did not save us any money making these, but they will be doing car-school for a week, it will be fun and it will make the drive not so bad with busy, quiet kids!  So it is worth it in my book!

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